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Table 2 TP53 mutations in breast tumors

From: Breast tumor copy number aberration phenotypes and genomic instability

Tumor Sample CGH Subtype TP53Mutation Copy Number Loss of Function1 Gain of Function1 Dom. Neg.1 TS1
S0013 Complex Y205D Loss NA NA NA NA
S0184 Complex R175H Loss Yes Yes Yes No
S0269 Complex M237I Loss NA NA No NA
S1511 Complex C275Y Loss NA NA No NA
S0001 Mixed amplifier Y234C No Loss Yes NA NA Yes
S0043 Mixed amplifier Y163C No Loss Yes Yes No NA
S0055 Mixed amplifier 196 Stop Loss NA NA No NA
S0126 Mixed amplifier intron 5/6 Loss NA NA NA NA
S1503 Mixed amplifier C176Y Loss Yes NA Yes NA
S1579 Mixed amplifier G245C Loss Yes NA Yes NA
  1. 1From IARC TP53 database release, R10, July 2005 [48]. Function assayed in either human or yeast. Dom. Neg., Dominant Negative. TS, Temperature sensitive.