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Figure 1

From: Upregulation of meiosis-specific genes in lymphoma cell lines following genotoxic insult and induction of mitotic catastrophe

Figure 1

Post transcriptional accumulation of p39mos protein in response to 10 Gy irradiation. (A) Transcription of MOS from Namalwa, WI-L2-NS or TK6 cells on different days after irradiation. Messenger RNA was first isolated from samples and then reverse transcribed to yield cDNA for semi-quantitative PCR. Primers for GAPDH were used to verify integrity and quantity of cDNA. Mos expression was observed in all 3 cell lines with minor differences seen during the five days after irradiation; (B) upper panel: in comparison to non-treated control (NT), accumulation of p39mos was detected by Western blotting on days 1 to 4 afterirradiation, with maximum expression observed on days 2–3 in Namalwa, and days 1 and 2 for WI-L2-NS cells. In TK6 cells, p39mos was not detectable after irradiation. Lower panel: for loading control PVDF membranes were re-blotted with mouse monoclonal anti-b-actin antibodies.

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