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Figure 3

From: Fibroblast-derived MT1-MMP promotes tumor progression in vitro and in vivo

Figure 3

Decreased tumor cell invasion induced by MMP-2 and MT1-MMP null fibroblasts in vitro. The human FaDu HNSCC tumor cell line was cultured alone or in combination with WT, MMP-2 null, MMP-9 null, or MT1-MMP null fibroblasts atop type I collagen for 6 days (A, and quantified in B). Experiments were conducted in DMEM with 10% WT, MMP-2 null or MMP-9 null serum. Gelatin zymography of 18-hour serum free conditioned media from FaDu tumor cells in coculture with fibroblasts atop collagen (2:1 ratio) normalized for cell-number.

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