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Table 2 Fra-1 expression in benign and malignant breast tissues by immunohistochemistry

From: An association of a simultaneous nuclear and cytoplasmic localization of Fra-1 with breast malignancy

Histological type Fra-1 staining score*
  Nuclear n cytoplasm n
Benign High 11 High 0
  Low 9 Low 3
  Negative 0 Negative 17
Carcinomas High 30 High 14
  Low 11 Low 23
  Negative 0 Negative 4
  1. * Fra-1 staining score was as follows: for nuclear staining: high, >75% positive cells and strong staining; low, <75% positive cells and weak staining; for cytoplasmic staining: high, strong staining; low, weak staining.