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Table 4 Cox multivariate regression analysis: MDR-1 expression (score > 1 vs no expression).

From: Prognostic significance of multidrug-resistance protein (MDR-1) in renal clear cell carcinomas: A five year follow-up analysis

Co-variables Significance (p)
Sex 0,680
Age* 0,893
Death from disease 0,016
Grading* 0,627
Tumour Size* 0,842
Multicentric Pattern of Growth 0,380
Thrombosis of caval vein 0,372
Necrosis 0,378
Adjuvant Therapy 0,336
  1. We have considered MDR-1 as state variable in correlation with different clinical and histopathological co-variables. The only significant statistical association has been noticed between MDR-1 expression and poorer prognosis (p = 0.016). MDR-1 expression seems to be a prognostic factor independent of adjuvant therapy (no significant p).
  2. *: for these co-variables, we have fixed the different cut-off values (≤ 65 years vs > 65 years for Age, G1 vs G2–G3–G4 for Grading, ≤ 7 cm vs > 7 cm as regards Tumour Size).