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Table 4 Multivariable conditional logistic regression analyses of risk factors for ESCC

From: Etiological study of esophageal squamous cell carcinoma in an endemic region: a population-based case control study in Huaian, China

Variable OR (95%CI) P
Esophageal lesion 11.63(1.13–119.33) 0.04
Eating fast 3.39(1.15–9.95) 0.03
Utensil clean up 0.11(0.02–0.49) <0.01
Green tea consumption 0.13(0.03–0.62) 0.01
Family history of cancer 3.83(1.13–12.97) 0.03
HP infection 3.19(1.11–9.15) 0.03