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Figure 2

From: Down-regulation of transcription elogation factor A (SII) like 4 (TCEAL4) in anaplastic thyroid cancer

Figure 2

(A) Down-regulation of TCEAL4 in ACLs as compared to normal thyroid tissues as shown by SQ-PCR. The following are the lane designations: M, size marker; 1–5, normal thyroid; 6, 8305c; 7, 8505c; 8, ARO; 9, FRO; 10, TTA1; 11, TTA2; 12, TTA3; 13, KTA1; 14, KTA2; 15, KTA3; 16, KTA4. (B) Results of quantitative RT-PCR. TCEAL4 expression of normal thyroid is the average of five normal thyroid glands. When the expression of normal thyroid was settled as 1.00, the ratio represented relative expression of TCEAL4 in the sample.

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