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Table 2 Smac/DIABLO positive immunoreactivity in squamous cervical cancer samples.

From: High Smac/DIABLO expression is associated with early local recurrence of cervical cancer

Smac/DIABLO Median AD p
Negative 46.58 9.17 0.621
Positive 47.52 10.6  
Negative 0.51 0.72 0.479
Positive 0.39 0.63  
Negative 18.02 9.7 0.047
Positive 22.93 8.93  
  1. Age, Lymphovascular Permeation (LVP) and Microvascular Density (MVD) values for positive and negative Smac/DIABLO patients. AD: Absolute Deviation. Mann-Whitney test was used to verify significant differences. Similar differences were found when analyses were performed in adenocarcinoma samples.