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Figure 1

From: Microarray-based identification and RT-PCR test screening for epithelial-specific mRNAs in peripheral blood of patients with colon cancer

Figure 1

Ethidium-bromide stained 1% agarose gel of RT-PCR amplification products. A), PRSS22, B) RANBP3 and C) TMEM69 gene expression. Lanes for each gene are labeled with the scheme: 1–4, blood RNA of normal individuals (Table 1, subjects no. 3–6, respectively): lane 5, normal leukocytes RNA pooled from 250 subjects (source: BD); lane 6, pooled blood of colon cancer patients (Table 1, patients no. 1–2); lane 7 normal human colon with mucosal lining pooled from a control subject (source: BD); lane 8 colon adenocarcinoma isolated from a colon cancer patient (source: BD); lane 9, pool of normal mucosa from 3 control subjects (source: Stratagene); lanes 10–11, disease-free margin mucosa and colon cancer samples, respectively, from the same patient (source: Stratagene). Technical controls: lanes 12–13, PCR positive control (B2M RT-PCR amplification products from the same samples tested in lanes 5 and 9, respectively), lane 14–15 PCR negative (water) control; lanes 16–17, 1 μL molecular size markers MBI V and GeneRuler (Genenco), respectively.

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