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Table 1 List of proteins tested by immunohistochemistry and characteristics of the corresponding antibodies.

From: Frequency, prognostic impact, and subtype association of 8p12, 8q24, 11q13, 12p13, 17q12, and 20q13 amplifications in breast cancers

Protein Antibody Origin Clone Dilution
Estrogen receptor mmab Novocastra Laboratories 6F11 1/60
Progesterone receptor mmab DakoCytomation PgR 636 1/80
ERBB2 rpab DakoCytomation HercepTest 1/400
P53 mmab Immunotech DO-1 1/4
Ki67 mmab DakoCytomation MIB-1 1/100
  1. mmab, mouse monoclonal antibody; rpab, rabbit polyclonal antibody