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Table 2 Pathway-focused GEArrays®: Comparison of three of the up-regulated genes in osteosarcoma samples categorized as metastatic at diagnosis and non-metastatic at diagnosis

From: Effects of THBS3, SPARC and SPP1 expression on biological behavior and survival in patients with osteosarcoma

Gene symbol Metastatic at diagnosis Non-metastatic at diagnosis
  B/C S/C M/C B/C S/C
THBS3 23.8 53.15 7.1 AE AE
SPARC 13.4 18.6 15.3 6.8 5.0
SPP1 7.2 3.7 9.11 4.3 5.3
  1. B, sample from biopsy, S, sample from primary tumor resection, M, sample from metastatic site, C, normal bone control, AE, absence of expression. The values are expressed as linear ratios against normal bone controls.