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Table 1 Monoclonal anti-human antibodies used for flow cytometry analysis of HLA Class I expression

From: High-resolution analysis of HLA class I alterations in colorectal cancer

mAb species isotype HLA specificity reference
116.5.28 M IgG2a Bw4 *
126/39 M IgG3 Bw6 *
A11.1M M IgG3 A11, A24 18
BB7.2 M IgG2b A2, Aw68 18
Bbm1 M IgG2b β 2-m 18
GAP.A3 M IgG2a A3 18
MA2.1 M IgG1 A2, B17 18
SFR8.B6 R IgG2b Bw6 18
W6/32 M IgG2a HLA -A,-B,-C 18
BV 8E9 H IgM,κ A28, A33, A34 16
BVK 5B10 H IgM,κ B8
BVK 5C4 H IgM,κ A80, A9 21
DMS 4G2 H IgG1,λ B62, B35 17
FVS 4G4 H IgM,κ B15, B17, B5, B37, B16, B18, B35 16
GK 31F12 H IgM,κ B13 16
GV 5D1 H IgG1,λ A1, A9 16
GVK 10H7 H IgM,λ B5, B35, B18, B37, B38, B14, B77, B72, B53
GVK 4H11 H IgM,κ B35, B62, B5, B16, B18, B37, B53, B70, B14
HDG 2G7 H IgG1,κ A19, B17, B63, B47 16
HDG 8D9 H IgG1,λ B51, B35 16
IN 2D12 H IgM,λ B15, B35, B21, B70 16
JOK 3H5 H IgM,λ B40, B21, B13, B12, B41, B70
KAL 3D5 H IgG1,λ B51, B52, B77 17
KG 30A7 H IgM,λ B27, B12, B14, B49 18
KLL 5E10 H IgG1,κ B51, B52
MUS 4H4 H IgG1,λ Bw4
Nie 44B8 H IgM,κ A10 16
OK 1C9 H IgM,λ A3, A11, A33, A31, A26 18
OK 2F3 H IgM,κ A3 16
OK 2H12 H IgM,κ A11, A3, A36, A32, A1 16
OK 3C8 H IgM,κ A3, A11, A32, A36, A31 16
OK 4F10 H IgM,κ A1, A3, A11, A31, A33, A26, A29, A30
OK 4F9 H IgM,κ A1, A36, A3, A11, A34, A66, A26, A29, A30, A31, A33 16
OK 5A3 H IgM,λ A1, A3, A11, A24, A36 18
OK 6H10 H IgM,κ B15, B21, B56, B35, B72 16
OK 6H12 H IgM,κ B21, B56, B70, B35, B62 18
ROU 9A6 H IgG3,λ B12, B13, B40, B21, B41
SN 607D8 H IgG1,κ A2, A28 16
SN 66E3 H IgM,κ A2, A28 16
vD1F11 H IgM,λ B62, B35, B57, B21, B56, B70, B55 16
VTM 1F11 H IgG1,κ B27, B7, B60
VTM 4D9 H IgG1,κ B7, B27
VTM 9A10 H IgG1,κ B7, B27
WAR 5D5 H IgG1,κ B7, B27, B42, B55
WIM 8E5 H IgG1,κ A1, A10, A11, A9, A29, A30, A31, A33
WK 3D10 H IgM,κ A2, A3, A23, A31, B7, B13, B17, B21, B40, B62
WK 4E3 H IgM,λ A locus (not A1, A24)
  1. M, Mouse; H, Human; R, Rat; *, kindly donated by Dr. K. Gelsthorpe, Sheffield, U.K.; †, this paper.