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Table 4 Sequence variants detected in Human ATR and residues found in orthologues

From: Mutation analysis and characterization of ATR sequence variants in breast cancer cases from high-risk French Canadian breast/ovarian cancer families

SNP SNP ID* Amino acid change Pan troglodytes Canis familiaris Mus musculus Xenapus laevis Fugu rubribes Strongylocentrotus purpuratus Drosophila melanogaste
5** c.632C>T Thr211 Met Thr Thr Met Met Gly - Glu
6 c. 946G>A Va1316Ile Val Val Val Val Val Ser Asp
14 c. 2290A>G Lys764Glu Lys Lys Lys Lys Lys Ser Glu
16 c. 2875G>A Val959Met Met Met Ile Met Ser Thr Phe
34 c. 6394T>G Tyr2132Asp Tyr His Arg Gln Asn Lys Ala
39 c. 7274G>A Arg2425Gln - Arg Gln Lys Lys Glu Thr
  1. * According to the nomenclature of the Human Genome Variation Society
  2. - No corresponding residue in this species
  3. ** T allele is considered as the common allele according to the reference sequence NM_001184