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Table 3 Copy Number Aberrations associated with overall and progression-free survival.

From: Medulloblastoma outcome is adversely associated with overexpression of EEF1D, RPL30, and RPS20 on the long arm of chromosome 8

Copy Number Aberration n Overall Survival p value (log-rank) Progression-Free Survival p value (log-rank)
2p gain (including amplifications) 12 (16) 0.5257 (0.0848) 0.3938 (0.0701)
8q gain (including amplifications*) 6 (7) 0.0005** (0.0141**) < 0.0001** (0.0004**)
  1. * Multivariate analysis controlling for clinical variables (i.e. metastatic stage, degree of resection, and age relative to 3 years) revealed statistically significant differences in OS (p value, 0.013) and PFS (p value, 0.003).
  2. ** Statistically significant differences by log-rank testing.