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Table 3 Immunocytology of commercially available cancer cell lines and cells cultured from malignant pleural effusions and malignant ascites. TRAP staining was classified as follows: + positive, (+) weakly positive, - negative.

From: Increased tartrate-resistant acid phosphatase (TRAP) expression in malignant breast, ovarian and melanoma tissue: an investigational study

source cell line TRAP expression
breast cancer cell lines MDA-MB-468 +
  MCF-7 +
  BT20 +
  HBL-100 +
primary breast cancer cells P1 +
  P2 +
  P3 -
ovarian cancer cell lines OAW42 (+)
  SKOV3 (+)
primary ovarian cancer cells A1 +
  A2 +
  A3 +
cervical cancer cell lines SiHa (+)
  CaSki -
melanoma cell lines BML +
  Mel2A (+)
  MV3 +