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Figure 6

From: The role of sialomucin CD164 (MGC-24v or endolyn) in prostate cancer metastasis

Figure 6

CD164 regulates CaP cell invasion. Cell invasion into a reconstituted extracellular matrix was performed using two chambered invasion plates (BD Biosciences, San Jose, CA). PC3 and LNCaP C4-2B cells were placed in the upper chamber (1 × 105 cells/well) in serum free medium. Spontaneous invasion was compared to invasion supported by a CXCL12 200 ng/ml gradient [32]. Where indicated, IgG control or mouse anti-human CD164 monoclonal antibody (50 μg/ml, Clone N6B6, BD PharMingen) was added at the start of the investigation to each chamber. At the termination of the assay (24 h), the invasion was quantified by MTT. * Indicates significant difference from vehicle treated cells (no CXCL12), and ** indicates significant difference from IgG treated controls at p < 0.05. The data demonstrate that anti-CD164 inhibits invasion of CaP cells

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