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Figure 5

From: The role of sialomucin CD164 (MGC-24v or endolyn) in prostate cancer metastasis

Figure 5

CD164 regulates CaP cell adhesion to HBME. PC3 and LNCaP C4-2B cells were labeled with Vybrant CFDA SE Cell Tracer Kit, (Molecular Probes, Inc., Eugene, Oregon) for 30 min and directly deposited on to human bone marrow derived endothelial (HBME) monolayers. CXCL12 pretreatment was performed by incubating the CaP cells with 200 ng/ml CXCL12 for 2 hours. In (A) 50 μg/mL anti-CD164 mAb antibodies (or Ig controls) were added to each chamber. Cell-to-cell adhesion for PC3 cells was preformed for 30 min at 37°C and quantified using a 96-well fluorescent plate reader (IDEXX Research Products, Westbrook, ME). Data are presented as percent change +/- standard deviation from non-treated controls for n = 4. In (B) the CD164 antibody (N6B6) was used in an adhesion assay with PC3 and LNCaP C4-2B cells treated with either PBS or CXCL12 (200 ng/ml) to block adhesion. * Indicates significant difference from vehicle treated cells (no CXCL12), and ** indicates significant difference from Ig treated controls at p < 0.05. The data demonstrates that CD164 blockade regulates PC3 and LNCaP C4-2B binding to HBME.

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