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Figure 4

From: The role of sialomucin CD164 (MGC-24v or endolyn) in prostate cancer metastasis

Figure 4

Expression of CD164 in prostate cancer cell lines is responsive to CXCL12. To determine if the prostate cancer cells express CD164 protein, and whether its expression was altered by CXCL12, PC3 and LNCaP C4-2B cells were treated with PBS or 200 ng/ml CXCL12 for 2 h, fixed and stained with anti-CD164 mAb or an IgG isotype matched control, and photographed at 40X. Scale bars = 100 μm. The cancer cells demonstatrate perinuclear and cytoplasmic expression of CD164 in nearly all of the cells under basal conditions, and abundantly express CD164 following CXCL12 stimulation.

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