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Figure 3

From: The role of sialomucin CD164 (MGC-24v or endolyn) in prostate cancer metastasis

Figure 3

Time course of CD164 mRNA expression by CaPs. QRT-PCR was used to detect changes in CD164 expression by CaP cells following CXCL12 stimulation over time for LNCaP, LNCaP C4-2B, and PC3 cells. The data show that LNCaP and LNCaP C4-2B respond to high concentrations of CXCL12 by increasing CD164 mRNA expression. PC3 cells increase CD164 expression to moderate concentrations of CXCL12 (20 ng/ml), but at higher CXCL12 doses (200 ng/ml) down regulate expression.

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