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Table 3 One-year survival and mortality ratios during the first year of follow-up.

From: Prognosis of ovarian cancer subsequent to venous thromboembolism: a nationwide Danish cohort study

  One year survival Unadjusted mortality ratio Adjusted mortality ratio a
Ovarian cancer without VTE (control group) 63% (62–64%)   
Ovarian cancer less than 4 months after VTE 44% (33–60%) 1.8 (1.3–2.7) 1.7 (1.2–2.5)
Ovarian cancer 4 months to 27 years after VTE 54% (44–66%) 1.4 (1.0–1.9) 1.2 (0.8–1.7)
  1. a Adjusted for age, calendar-time, comorbidity and FIGO-stage.
  2. Associated 95% confidence interval (CI) is shown in the parenthesis.