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Table 11 Studies of the IL10 -1082G>A polymorphism in breast cancer.

From: Interleukin gene polymorphisms and breast cancer: a case control study and systematic literature review

Reference Numbers studied Type of controls Susceptibility Severity Ethnicity
  Cancer Controls     
Smith KC et al, 2004 [57] 129 223 Bone marrow and solid organ donors – male and female No association No association Mixed
Giordani L et al, 2003 [63] 125 100 Female outpatients without breast cancer OR = 0.58 (0.32–1.07) for AG vs. AA OR = 0.38 (0.14–0.99) for GG vs. AA Not studied unknown
Skerrett DL et al, 2005 [59] 88 102 Maternal cord blood samples No association No association mixed
Wu JM et al, 2005 [64] 87 0 - Not studied No association mixed
Our study 497 498 Women with normal mammograms from screening population No association No association British Caucasian
  1. OR: Odds Ratio