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Table 1 List of antibodies used

From: Carcinosarcoma of the colon: report of a case with morphological, ultrastructural and molecular analysis

Antiserum Source Dilution Clone
Citokeratin 20 Novocastra 40 Ks20.8
Desmin Dako 100 D33
Vimentin Dako 1000 V9
S100 Dako 10000 Polyclonal
c-kit, CD 117 Dako 200 Polyclonal
CD 34 Novocastra 200 QBEnd/10
Sarcomeric Actin Dako 200 Alpha-Sr-1
Smooth Muscle Actin Biogenex 1000 1A4
Osteonectin Biodesign 50000 N50