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Figure 4

From: The 5'-end transitional CpGs between the CpG islands and retroelements are hypomethylated in association with loss of heterozygosity in gastric cancers

Figure 4

Distributions of the Alu , L1, and LTR retroelements in the 5'-end regions of the human genes. (A) The proportion of Alu, L1, and LTR elements in a 1-kb nucleotide bin were plotted separately in both extragenic and intragenic 10-kb segments. (B) The transitional area is demarcated by the distance between the 5'(3')-end of a CpG island and the extragenic (intragenic) nearest retroelements. The number of genes (C) and the mean extent of the transitional area (D) were calculated according the position and type of the nearest retroelements.

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