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Table 1 Characteristics of cervical cancer patients with skeletal muscle involvement, as reported in the literature

From: Recurrence in skeletal muscle from squamous cell carcinoma of the uterine cervix: a case report and review of the literature

Author Primary tumor histotype Stage Interval from primary tumor (months) Skeletal muscle HIV status Treatment Clinical outcome (after diagnosis of metastasis)
Mariya [2] squamous n.a. n.a. Biceps negative n.a. n.a.
Schwartz [3] squamous IIIB 0 Iliopsoas positive Chemotherapy followed by radiotherapy DOD after 3 months
Singh [4] squamous IIIB 0 Psoas positive Patient declined n.a.
Wong [5] small cell IB 24 Masseter negative Chemotherapy + radiotherapy n.a.
Bar Dayan [6] squamous IIIB 0 Psoas negative Intralesional chemotherapy followed by radiotherapy DOD after 4 months
Pathy [7] squamous IIIB 0 Deltoid negative Palliative radiotherapy ED at time of publication
Devendra [8] squamous n.a. 0 Psoas negative Supportive therapy Lost to follow up
Saadi [9] squamous IIB 60 Psoas negative Metastasectomy, radiotherapy NED after 30 months
Current case squamous IB 76 Intercostal negative Metastasectomy followed by chemotherapy + radiotherapy NED after 8 months
  1. n.a. = not available; DOD = death of disease; ED = alive with evidence of disease; NED = no evidence of disease