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Table 3 IG VH gene rearrangement in EPCs and BM cells in MM. A single 350-bp band was amplified using the indicated VH primers in BM cells and confluent EPCs from each patient.

From: Endothelial progenitor cells display clonal restriction in multiple myeloma

Case Number EPC (VH primer) BM Cell (VH primer) % Plasma cells in BM EPC Source
1 VH4A VH4A 10 BM
2 VH4A VH4A 30 BM
12 VH5 VH5 10 BM
13 VH4A VH4A 95 BM
14 VH4A VH4A 90 BM
15 No rearrangement VH3 95 BM
16 No rearrangement VH3 60 BM
HUVECs No rearrangement --- --- ---
Healthy subject No rearrangement --- --- ---