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Table 2 X-chromosome inactivation patterns in EPCs and hair root cells from MM patients. XCI patterns were determined in DNA from EPCs and hair root cells from 11 MM patients who had polymorphic AR status. The methylation status of a highly polymorphic CAG repeat in the AR gene was determined using the methylation-sensitive restriction enzyme HpaII and PCR. Densitometric analyses of band intensities include normalization of the ratios, based upon the undigested samples. This was determined by dividing the allele ratio of the digested sample by the ratio of the undigested sample from the same specimen. This ratio corrects for preferential amplification of one allele, which often occurs for the shorter microsatellite allele. In EPCs from 6 patients whose EPCs and hair root cells were studied, the percent of skewing in XCI towards one inactivated allele was significantly greater in EPCs compared to hair root cells (*p = .03). "NA" indicates not available.

From: Endothelial progenitor cells display clonal restriction in multiple myeloma

Case Number EPC (Allele ratio) Hair root cell (Allele ratio) EPC Source
1 95:5 50:50 PBMC
2 97:3 55:45 PBMC
3 92:8 NA PBMC
4 90:10 NA PBMC
5 82:18 54:46 PBMC
6 77:23 51:49 BM
7 55:45 55:45 PBMC
8 54:46 56:44 PBMC
9 84:16 NA BM
10 51:49 Not done PBMC
11 52:48 Not done BM
Mean: *75:25 53.5:46.5  
  1. Case number refers to cases detailed in Table 1