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Table 1 Somatic VHL gene deletion and mutation in MEN 2A-associated medullary thyroid carcinomas/CCH with germline mutations of RET

From: Somatic VHLgene alterations in MEN2-associated medullary thyroid carcinoma

Case RETgermline Mutation LOH at the VHLlocus Somatic VHLMutation Allelic imbalance of RET
1 Codon 620 TGC/CGC Yes del C nt 389 Exon 1 Yes (D10S677)
2 Codon 618 TGC/AGC Yes No Yes (D10S677)
3 Codon 609 TGC/CGC Yes N/A Yes (D10S677)
4 Codon 609 TGC/CGC No N/A No
5 Codon 609 TGC/CGC No No No
6 Codon 609 TGC/CGC No No No
7 (CCH) Codon 634 TGC/CGC No No No
  1. N/A, not available