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Table 1 Tissue requests made to the CPCTR. A total of 131 tissue requests have been made to the CPCTR. The Resource has determined 77 of the total tissue requests to be eligible for which tissues are available for the research investigators. Additionally, there were 54 requests made that were determined to be ineligible by the Resource.

From: An informatics model for tissue banks – Lessons learned from the Cooperative Prostate Cancer Tissue Resource

5 Full Applications (REP-approved and shipped to investigator)
21 TMA Requests (REP-approved and shipped to investigator)
19 Short-Form Requests (PI-approved and shipped to investigator)
2 Request approved (not shipped): Investigator to notify us when funds are available
2 Direct collaboration with a CPCTR institution
12 Letter of Intent (LOI) approved by REP, asked for Full application
16 Asked to Revise LOI or additional information requested by REP panel
77 Eligible requests
16 Referred to other resources (ie.CHTN)
7 Denied
6 Withdrawn
25 Closed (No response >12 months)
54 Ineligible Requests
131 Total Requests received