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Table 3 treatment, delay to start of treatment and outcome of published cases

From: Plasmapheresis reverses all side-effects of a cisplatin overdose – a case report and treatment recommendation

age sex dosis delay treatment outcome author
41 f 200 mg/m2 4 hours HD alive, n.s. Brivet et al.
36 m 480 mg/m2 6 days HD alive, CRF, hearing loss Schiller et al.
62 m 240 mg/m2 3 days STS, HD alive, n.a. Delanian et al.
68 f 280 mg/m2 12 days PPH, HD alive, CRF, hearing loss Chu et al.
54 f 205 mg/m2 6 days HD alive, n.a. Lagrange et al.
59 m 300 mg/m2 3 days PPH alive, n.s. Jung et al.
38 f total 640 mg 4 days NAC dead Sheik-Hamad et al.
14 f 360 mg/m2 70 hours STS alive, hearing loss Erdlenbruch et al.
48 m 400 mg/m2 no delay PPH, HD alive, n.s. Choi et al.
63 m total 750 mg no delay HD, NAC, PPH dead Charlier et al.
  1. HD: hemodialysis; STS: sodium thiosulfate; PPH: plasmapheresis; NAC: N-acetylcysteine; w.s.: with sequelae; n.s.: no sequelae; n.a.: not applicable; CRF: chronic renal failure