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Table 1 Identification of HNP 1-3. Table 1A HNP 1-3 peptides were identified by peptide mapping (on-chip trypsin digest). Three sequence specific fragments were produced (615.8, 930.6, 1061.4 Da.). The peptides were identified as HNP 1-3 using the PepIdent server on the ExPASy homepage. Table 1B The measured masses of the HNP 1-3 peptides were approximately 6 Daltons lower than the expected theoretical masses. This deviation was caused by the in vivo formation of three disulfide bridges. By heat denaturation and treatment with DTT we were able to protonate the six cysteines in HNP 1 and 2. (HNP-3 was consistently degraded during the reduction procedure).

From: Upregulated expression of human neutrophil peptides 1, 2 and 3 (HNP 1-3) in colon cancer serum and tumours: a biomarker study

Measured masses from peptide mapping (Dalton) Matching theoretical masses (Dalton) Deviation (Dalton) Peptide sequence
615.8 615.7 +0.1 ACYCR
930.6 930.1 +0.5 IPACIAGE
1061.4 1061.2 +0.2 YGTCIYQ
Measured masses of HNP 1-3 peptides (Dalton) Theoretical masses of HNP 1-3 peptides (Dalton)   Measured masses of reduced HNP 1-3 peptides (Dalton)
3371.2 3377.0 (HNP-2)   3376.2
3442.3 3448.1 (HNP-1)   3448.6
3486.3 3292.1 (HNP-3)   -