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Table 2 List of antibodies used for immunohistochemical studies.

From: Cancer cell adaptation to chemotherapy

Antibody Pre-Treatment Dilution Incubation Cat No. Source Control Tissue
Glutathione S-Transferase pi GST-π (polyclonal) None 1:150 30 min RT PU249-UP BioGenex (Distributor: Menarini Diagnostics, Wokingham, UK) Breast Ca
P-glycoprotein (MDR-1) (Clone JSB-1) Pressure Cook 2 min pH 6.0 1:100 Overnight 4°C NCL-JSB1 Novo Castra Newcastle-upon-Tyne, UK Kidney
Multidrug Resistant-Related Protein (MRP) (Clone MRPm6, specific for MRP-1) Pressure Cook 2 min pH 7.0 1:30 30 min RT MAB4122 Chemicon International Chandlers Ford, UK Kidney
Thymidylate Synthase TS (Clone TS 106) Pressure Cook 2 min pH 6.0 1:20 30 min RT MS471P Neo Markers (Distributor: Lab Vision, Newmarket, UK) Colon Ca
  1. When sections required microwaving a Matsui MIIOM microwave was used at 800 W power. Pressure cooking was performed with a Tefal Clipso Pressure Cooker using 70 P power.