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Table 3 Genes differentially expressed within different adenomas compared to corresponding normal mucosa.

From: Differential gene expression profile reveals deregulation of pregnancy specific β1 glycoprotein 9 early during colorectal carcinogenesis

Gene's name Description A1 A2 A3
GAS1 growth arrest-specific 1
IGFBP2 insulin-like growth factor binding protein 2
MAPRE3 microtubule-associated protein, RP/EB family, member 3
ZFYVE20 zinc finger, FYVE domain containing 20
FLJ11848 hypothetical protein FLJ11848
KIAA1750 KIAA1750 protein
KIAA1941 KIAA1941 protein
  1. Differentially expressed genes identified in adenomas compared to corresponding normal tissue. In total, 84 genes showed significant differential expression in all three adenomas compared to normal-appearing epithelial cells (p < 0.05). Thirty-seven genes were up-regulated (Table 1), and 47 down-regulated (Table 2). PSG9 showed a consistent 2-fold over-expression in all adenomas compared to normal mucosa (p < 0.006).