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Figure 1

From: Differential gene expression profile reveals deregulation of pregnancy specific β1 glycoprotein 9 early during colorectal carcinogenesis

Figure 1

Genomic structure of PSG9. The human PSG9 gene is located on chromosome 19q13.2 and encodes at least three variants. The exon structures of each isoform are indicated in the figure. The largest PSG9 variant, variant 1, consists of 1282 nucleotides and encodes for a protein of 427 amino acids. The location and size of each primer and riboprobes used in this study are indicated (a). Statistical analysis of microarray data using SAM program revealed up to two-fold over-expression of PSG9 in adenoma 1, 2 and 3 (A1 to A3) compared to normal (N). The log2 ratio of fluorescence intensity is shown on the y-axis while PSG9 expression in different samples is shown on the x-axis. At least four microarray replicates including dye switches (Cy3- or Cy5-labelled) were performed to account for possible labeling and hybridization bias (b). The data have further been verified in adenoma 1, 2 and normal tissue by Real Time PCR (c).

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