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Figure 1

From: WWOX protein expression varies among ovarian carcinoma histotypes and correlates with less favorable outcome

Figure 1

WWOX protein expression in normal ovary and ovarian adenocarcinomas as determined by immunoblot analysis. A) Total protein extracts from PEO1 cell lines transfected with an empty vector or a WWOX expressing vector were analyzed by immunobloting with the anti-WWOX antibody. Note: no immunoreactive bands are observed in the vector transfected cell line. B) WWOX protein expression was determined by immunoblotting of total protein extracts from 38 ovarian carcinoma samples. Five normal ovarian tissue extracts are shown on the first five lanes. Quantitation of WWOX protein expression. Autoradiographs of WWOX and actin were digitized using the Kodak digital science Image Station 440CF. WWOX expression in each sample was normalizated to actin to correct for loading differences. In turn these numbers obtained from each tumor were normalized and expressed as relative to the normal ovarian values (i.e. Relative Expression).

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