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Table 1 B-raf exon 15 mutations in resection specimens of melanoma cutaneous/subcutaneous metastases. Predicted protein sequence alterations are listed together with the clinical course of the disease in patients' follow up. Distinct mutations in two different abnormal bands in SSCP gels are specified by two lines for one melanoma.

From: Preponderance of the oncogenic V599E and V599K mutations in B-raf kinase domain is enhanced in melanoma cutaneous/subcutaneous metastases

Case Previous primary (months before) DNA mutations Predicted Protein changes Subsequent Metastasis (months later)
1 MM-2.7-IV (30 m) T1796A V599E LN (1 m)
   g1757A D586N  
7 NM-2.5-IV (11 m) T1796A V599E liver (simult)
   A1810g S604G  
12 SSM (18) T1796A V599E liver (74 m)
13 NM-2.1-V (50) T1796A V599E liver (2 m)
20 NM-4-IV (51) T1796A V599E none (74 m)
   T1837C S613P  
22 MM (19) T1796A V599E sc (7 m)
23 MM-1.9-III (37) g1795A, T1796A V599K lung, liver (simult)
24 MM-2.5-IV (84) T1796A V599E bone (simult)
28 no data g1795A, T1796A V599K no follow up
   C1758A, T1760C, g1795A, T1796A V599K, L587P  
29 NM-3.6-IV (13) g1795A, T1796A V599K liver (3 m)
32 no data g1795A, T1796A V599K no follow up
   g1795A, T1796A, T1803G V599K  
34 no data T1779C, T1796A F594L, V599E no follow up
37 SSM-1.8-IV (120) T1796A V599E sc (2 m)
   T1796A, A1823g V599E  
41 MM (144) T1796A V599E lung (simult)
43 SSM-1.8-IV (21) T1796A V599E lung (3 m)
44 MM (71) T1796A V599E lung (simult)
46 LMM-2.7-IV (53) T1796A V599E bone (20 m)
   g1795A, T1796A V599K  
47 MM-1.8-IV (126) T1796A V599E none (42 m)
   T1787A, T1796A V599E  
50 SSM-0.6-III (157) T1749C, T1796A V599E brain, bone (simult)
   G1824A WT  
53 no primary T1796A V599E bone (simult)
   T1796A, T1847C V599E, I616T  
54 LMM-III (290) T1796A V599E sc (8 m)
   T1796A, A1794T V599E  
55 MM-10-V (5) T1796A, A1830C V599E, E610D lung (22 m)
56 MM (1) T1796A V599E lung (1 m)
58 LMM-1.2-V (6) g1795A, T1796A V599K sc (12 m)
  1. Abbreviations used in Table 1: A, adenine; C, cytosine; D, asparagin acid; E, glutamic acid; F, phenylalanine; G, glycine; g, guanine; I, isoleucine; K, lysine; L, leucine; LMM, lentiginous malignant melanoma; LN, lymph node; m, month(s); MM-2.7-IV, melanoma, not further classified, tumour thickness according to Breslow 2.7 mm, Clark's level IV; N, asparagine; NM, nodular melanoma; P, proline; S, serine; sc, subcutaneous; simult, simultaneous; SSM, superficial spreading melanoma; T, thymine; T1857A, change from thymine to adenine at nucleotide 1857 (according to NCBI accession number NM_004333, the start codon ATG corresponding to nucleotide positions 1–3); V, valine; V599E, substitution of valine to glutamic acid at codon 599 (according to NCBI accession number NP_004324.1); WT, wild type of protein sequence.