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Table 4 Comparison of the proportion of promyelocytic leukemias for Mexican children with Hispanic children from other countries and cities.

From: Incidence of leukemias in children from El Salvador and Mexico City between 1996 and 2000: Population-based data

Leukemia type LAC-USC(37) LA County and AML study(37) Peru(38) Puebla, Mexico(39) California* (3) Puebla, Mexico(39) Mexico City, IMSS Range in non-Hispanic populations** (37)
  Adults Children
Promyelocytic leukemia 37.5% 24.3% 22.0% 20.0% 8.3% 30.0% 21.0% 3–13%
  1. LAC-USC = Los Angeles County-University of Southern California; LA: Los Angeles; AML = acute myeloid leukemia; IMSS = Instituto Mexicano del Seguro Social.
  2. * This is a population-based study in which a frequency of 3.8%was found for non-Hispanic children.
  3. ** This range is based on proportions found in series of cases.
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