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Table 3 Comparison of annual age-adjusted rates of lymphoid leukemias per million for Mexican and Salvadoran children with those for Hispanic children from three U.S. Cancer Registries and for children from Costa Rica

From: Incidence of leukemias in children from El Salvador and Mexico City between 1996 and 2000: Population-based data

Leukemia type SEER 2001 All races(30) Mexico City, IMSS Texas(34) California(3) SEER 1992–1998 Hispanics(29) El Salvador Florida(4) Costa Rica(5)
Lymphoid leukemia 33.2 44.9 52.0 44.0 43.0 34.2* 49.7 43.1
  1. IMSS = Instituto Mexicano del Seguro Social.
  2. * This rate is only for children 0–11 years old.
  3. (References)