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Table 1 Spectrum of PIK3CA mutations in gastric adenocarcinoma

From: Mutations of PIK3CAin gastric adenocarcinoma

Case Nucleotide Substitutiona Amino acid change Age Sex MSI Statusb,c KRAS Mutationc Tumour site Tumour type IMd
28 A3140G H1047R 37 M Stable - Body Intestinal 0
100 G1633A E545K 79 F High - Antrum Intestinal 1
240 G1624A E542K 74 M High G12D Antrum Intestinal 1
310 A3140G H1047R 72 F High G13D Antrum Intestinal 1
  1. aNucleotide change at the position within coding sequence, where position 1 corresponds to the first position of the start codon
  2. bHigh, high level of MSI; Stable, microsatellite stable
  3. cAnalysis of KRAS mutations have been performed and reported previously [16]
  4. dIM, the presence of intestinal metaplasia at tumour edge; 1, present; 0, absent