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Table 3 Virtually-multiplexed transcript abundance data.

From: CEBPG transcription factor correlates with antioxidant and DNA repair genes in normal bronchial epithelial cells but not in individuals with bronchogenic carcinoma

63 NBCI 7.2E+03 6.4E+02 2.7E+02 1.9E+02 3.4E+02 6.1E+01 2.0E+04 1.1E+05 3.8E+03 1.1E+02 4.3E+04
64 NBCI 7.9E+03 1.7E+03 2.0E+03 2.0E+01 1.7E+02 2.5E+01 2.5E+04 3.0E+05 3.4E+03 8.1E+01 2.0E+05
136 NBCI 6.2E+03 2.1E+02 7.0E+02 1.0E-02 5.0E+01 6.0E+01 2.9E+03 7.4E+03 5.9E+02 5.6E+01 1.9E+04
139 NBCI 4.5E+03 3.4E+03 2.3E+04 5.6E+02 1.0E+03 1.0E+03 6.1E+05 1.2E+06 2.2E+04 3.9E+03 4.6E+05
150 NBCI 8.5E+03 7.4E+02 1.6E+02 1.1E+02 4.1E+01 3.2E+02 3.5E+04 1.7E+05 5.7E+03 6.9E+02 7.2E+04
156 NBCI 2.1E+04 1.2E+03 7.5E+02 ND1 ND 1.4E+02 1.5E+04 1.8E+05 2.0E+03 2.9E+02 3.0E+04
157 NBCI 2.3E+04 4.1E+03 3.1E+03 2.1E+02 6.1E+02 1.4E+02 3.5E+05 5.6E+05 8.4E+03 1.6E+03 2.1E+05
194 NBCI 6.5E+03 2.1E+03 2.9E+02 2.6E+02 8.5E+02 4.7E+02 4.5E+04 6.1E+05 4.7E+03 4.4E+02 8.9E+04
210 NBCI 1.0E+04 2.1E+03 7.6E+02 4.0E+02 6.1E+02 3.6E+02 7.6E+04 7.6E+04 3.4E+03 7.7E+02 7.2E+04
257 NBCI 1.1E+04 1.8E+03 2.7E+02 8.9E+02 1.7E+03 9.7E+02 1.0E+05 2.6E+05 1.6E+03 7.6E+02 7.4E+04
261 NBCI 7.6E+03 1.3E+03 2.5E+02 1.7E+02 1.6E+02 9.4E+01 4.4E+04 2.7E+05 5.1E+03 4.6E+02 1.3E+05
282 NBCI 6.4E+03 1.2E+03 5.4E+02 4.1E+01 2.9E+01 1.2E+02 4.1E+04 1.0E+05 6.0E+03 8.1E+02 4.0E+04
285 NBCI 2.6E+03 4.4E+02 2.5E+03 1.1E+03 ND 1.2E+02 3.7E+04 9.1E+04 1.6E+03 7.7E+03 1.6E+04
296 NBCI 1.9E+04 1.0E+03 1.0E+03 ND 2.8E+01 ND 6.9E+04 2.5E+05 3.6E+03 1.7E+02 7.1E+04
305 NBCI 1.8E+03 9.1E+01 6.1E+02 ND 8.7E+01 2.6E+02 2.0E+04 4.9E+04 4.3E+02 2.8E+02 1.3E+04
315 NBCI 3.5E+03 1.3E+03 1.2E+03 2.0E+02 7.5E+01 6.1E+02 4.7E+04 2.1E+05 2.7E+03 2.4E+03 6.2E+04
330 NBCI 2.7E+03 2.4E+02 4.0E+02 1.1E+02 3.5E+02 4.0E+02 3.6E+04 8.3E+04 1.5E+03 1.7E+03 2.8E+04
331 NBCI 7.3E+03 1.3E+03 8.0E+02 ND ND ND 8.6E+04 2.6E+05 6.5E+02 6.4E+02 6.2E+04
334 NBCI 3.7E+03 6.1E+02 1.1E+03 2.3E+01 1.9E+01 4.0E+01 7.8E+04 1.4E+05 2.5E+03 1.3E+03 5.1E+04
336 NBCI 3.6E+03 8.4E+02 2.8E+03 4.3E+02 1.2E+02 2.5E+02 8.9E+04 2.1E+05 7.9E+03 3.1E+03 9.5E+04
337 NBCI 5.0E+03 9.3E+02 1.1E+03 1.6E+02 2.5E+02 ND 6.5E+04 1.9E+05 3.3E+03 1.3E+03 4.2E+04
339 NBCI 2.5E+03 3.2E+02 5.2E+02 3.4E+01 4.3E+01 6.3E+01 5.0E+04 8.7E+04 2.3E+03 7.7E+02 3.2E+04
361 NBCI 7.9E+03 2.5E+03 6.7E+02 5.8E+02 1.4E+03 3.5E+02 6.7E+04 2.5E+05 1.5E+03 2.8E+03 4.7E+04
363 NBCI 6.2E+03 1.7E+03 1.4E+03 1.1E+02 1.9E+02 5.2E+01 7.6E+04 1.4E+05 3.7E+03 7.3E+02 7.2E+04
34 BCI 1.9E+03 1.7E+03 5.7E+02 2.4E+02 1.2E+02 3.7E+02 6.7E+04 5.6E+05 6.1E+03 1.5E+03 1.2E+05
71 BCI 7.6E+03 1.2E+03 1.3E+03 1.7E+01 1.8E+02 2.1E+01 9.5E+04 6.7E+05 1.8E+04 2.4E+02 2.2E+05
85 BCI 1.0E+04 9.7E+02 8.7E+02 6.3E+01 ND ND 2.6E+04 4.9E+04 1.1E+03 3.9E+02 2.3E+04
88 BCI 1.5E+03 4.0E+02 4.2E+02 1.1E+02 ND ND 3.1E+04 2.9E+04 2.7E+03 3.6E+02 3.9E+04
99 BCI 1.4E+04 3.3E+03 2.6E+03 2.2E+02 3.1E+03 1.4E+02 2.1E+05 2.0E+05 3.7E+03 9.3E+02 1.4E+05
118 BCI 1.5E+03 1.2E+03 2.8E+02 ND ND 1.4E+02 2.4E+04 3.5E+04 1.9E+03 1.2E+03 1.7E+04
146 BCI 1.9E+04 1.2E+03 2.3E+02 1.2E+02 1.6E+03 6.0E+01 3.1E+04 1.4E+05 4.9E+03 2.7E+02 6.2E+04
147 BCI 2.8E+03 1.3E+03 N/A2 3.6E+02 2.8E+02 3.8E+02 6.1E+04 3.0E+05 2.7E+03 1.1E+03 1.8E+04
158 BCI 4.9E+03 8.8E+02 1.9E+02 2.8E+01 4.0E+02 6.8E+01 2.2E+04 1.4E+05 1.7E+03 1.5E+02 1.3E+04
167 BCI 6.7E+03 9.2E+02 4.2E+02 1.8E+02 8.2E+02 3.8E+02 8.9E+04 1.1E+05 2.2E+03 2.8E+02 4.1E+04
171 BCI 1.0E+04 3.9E+03 3.2E+03 5.1E+02 8.9E+01 2.4E+02 5.3E+05 8.3E+05 1.3E+04 6.3E+02 1.6E+05
191 BCI 1.6E+04 2.4E+03 1.5E+02 1.5E+02 7.1E+01 1.2E+02 2.0E+04 9.6E+04 2.5E+03 3.4E+02 1.2E+04
211 BCI 3.8E+03 1.1E+03 6.5E+02 6.3E+02 3.2E+02 2.9E+02 8.3E+04 3.5E+05 2.8E+03 3.2E+02 9.1E+04
212 BCI 1.8E+04 2.8E+03 6.0E+02 3.4E+02 2.0E+02 2.2E+02 3.4E+04 2.1E+05 5.2E+03 3.0E+02 3.6E+04
247 BCI 6.5E+03 7.5E+02 6.4E+02 1.8E+02 ND 1.2E+02 7.8E+04 4.4E+04 5.5E+02 2.7E+03 1.3E+04
255 BCI 1.9E+04 1.1E+03 6.1E+02 1.8E+01 2.3E+02 7.6E+01 1.1E+05 6.5E+05 1.2E+04 1.2E+03 3.8E+05
259 BCI 8.4E+03 6.4E+02 5.1E+02 ND 6.7E+01 4.0E+01 4.7E+04 1.5E+05 2.6E+03 3.8E+02 7.9E+04
271 BCI 4.1E+03 6.6E+02 1.4E+03 6.5E+01 2.7E+02 1.9E+02 9.1E+04 1.5E+05 1.6E+03 ND 1.5E+05
287 BCI 8.7E+03 1.1E+03 9.5E+01 7.4E+01 4.0E+01 2.6E+02 4.7E+04 1.2E+05 6.5E+03 1.1E+02 4.1E+04
300 BCI 4.9E+03 4.4E+02 4.1E+02 4.4E+01 ND 5.1E+01 3.4E+04 6.9E+04 1.0E+03 1.0E+03 2.6E+04
306 BCI 6.5E+03 6.8E+02 4.9E+02 4.4E+01 ND 1.7E+01 3.7E+04 2.5E+05 2.8E+03 3.2E+02 4.1E+04
314 BCI 4.4E+03 9.3E+02 4.8E+02 3.1E+02 ND 1.9E+02 5.3E+04 6.2E+04 4.5E+03 5.2E+02 3.1E+04
329 BCI 1.4E+04 3.5E+02 2.4E+02 ND ND ND 7.9E+04 1.5E+05 1.4E+03 ND 1.5E+05
335 BCI 4.2E+03 3.7E+02 2.2E+03 3.3E+02 2.4E+02 2.4E+02 4.8E+04 1.9E+05 9.8E+03 3.1E+02 3.3E+04
B3 BCI 7.4E+03 9.3E+02 1.4E+02 2.4E+02 1.8E+02 3.8E+02 3.4E+04 1.6E+05 2.2E+03 2.8E+02 4.1E+04
63 NBCI 8.4E+05 1.5E+03 7.3E+03 3.9E+03 1.9E+06 ND 3.1E+03 1.7E+05 1.6E+05 2.5E+03 2.1E+04
64 NBCI 4.4E+05 3.1E+02 1.5E+04 2.6E+03 3.5E+06 6.4E+03 2.0E+03 1.6E+05 6.5E+05 2.2E+03 4.2E+04
136 NBCI 2.0E+05 5.2E+02 6.3E+03 2.2E+03 5.3E+05 ND 8.9E+02 3.2E+04 5.3E+04 1.1E+03 4.4E+03
139 NBCI 1.8E+06 3.2E+03 5.2E+04 8.3E+03 3.2E+07 ND 2.8E+04 8.4E+05 2.2E+06 2.6E+04 1.6E+05
150 NBCI 2.1E+05 2.8E+03 1.1E+04 1.1E+03 1.5E+06 ND 3.1E+03 3.1E+04 2.0E+05 2.0E+03 3.1E+04
156 NBCI 4.8E+05 3.9E+03 1.9E+04 6.5E+03 2.9E+06 ND 4.9E+03 5.8E+04 1.3E+05 4.0E+03 2.5E+04
157 NBCI 2.4E+06 2.0E+03 2.6E+04 3.3E+03 1.8E+07 8.5E+03 3.6E+03 3.6E+05 1.8E+06 6.2E+03 1.7E+05
194 NBCI 5.4E+05 4.0E+03 1.2E+04 1.1E+03 7.8E+06 7.7E+03 3.2E+03 9.6E+04 5.8E+05 3.7E+03 2.4E+05
210 NBCI 3.2E+05 3.3E+03 4.1E+03 2.6E+03 3.9E+06 1.8E+03 3.7E+03 7.2E+04 3.3E+05 4.8E+03 2.9E+04
257 NBCI 6.3E+05 2.5E+03 1.1E+04 1.2E+02 2.8E+06 8.7E+03 2.9E+03 2.3E+04 1.2E+05 2.6E+03 4.9E+04
261 NBCI 7.6E+05 4.7E+03 1.6E+04 7.4E+03 3.1E+06 1.5E+03 1.8E+03 1.2E+05 4.5E+05 4.9E+03 7.2E+04
282 NBCI 4.6E+05 2.5E+03 1.3E+04 2.3E+03 1.9E+06 1.5E+04 1.3E+03 6.5E+04 4.5E+05 2.0E+03 3.1E+04
285 NBCI 4.3E+05 5.3E+03 8.4E+04 6.2E+02 3.5E+06 7.3E+03 9.2E+03 3.0E+04 2.3E+05 ND 2.0E+04
296 NBCI 8.1E+05 1.5E+03 7.4E+03 4.1E+03 3.6E+06 8.1E+03 4.5E+03 2.0E+05 5.4E+05 2.6E+03 5.2E+04
305 NBCI 1.4E+05 6.5E+02 4.0E+03 3.2E+03 1.6E+06 ND 6.9E+02 4.1E+04 1.8E+05 1.3E+03 5.7E+03
315 NBCI 4.2E+05 7.6E+03 5.1E+03 3.1E+03 7.9E+06 7.2E+03 4.3E+03 7.3E+04 4.5E+05 1.0E+04 3.8E+04
330 NBCI 1.2E+05 2.0E+03 5.8E+03 3.5E+03 1.1E+06 3.1E+01 1.3E+03 2.9E+04 2.3E+05 1.4E+03 1.7E+04
331 NBCI 6.1E+05 3.4E+03 1.3E+04 3.6E+03 7.3E+06 1.0E+04 1.8E+03 1.2E+05 1.3E+06 1.9E+03 5.7E+04
334 NBCI 6.5E+05 4.0E+03 2.7E+04 1.7E+04 3.7E+06 4.6E+03 3.0E+03 6.8E+04 5.9E+05 2.9E+03 2.6E+04
336 NBCI 4.7E+05 2.7E+03 4.4E+04 1.6E+03 3.4E+06 1.2E+04 8.3E+03 6.2E+04 5.4E+05 4.2E+03 1.2E+05
337 NBCI 2.8E+05 2.8E+03 3.8E+03 4.3E+03 1.5E+06 5.3E+03 5.6E+03 4.9E+04 3.3E+05 1.7E+03 4.4E+04
339 NBCI 3.1E+05 1.6E+04 3.0E+04 1.1E+03 3.5E+06 6.6E+03 2.0E+03 6.6E+04 2.4E+05 2.5E+03 2.2E+04
361 NBCI 3.7E+05 8.4E+02 1.5E+04 1.3E+03 7.8E+06 3.1E+03 2.7E+03 4.8E+04 6.4E+05 6.1E+03 7.7E+04
363 NBCI 6.1E+05 2.7E+03 2.2E+04 2.0E+03 8.1E+06 9.9E+03 2.4E+03 9.7E+04 7.0E+05 7.0E+03 3.6E+04
34 BCI 8.8E+05 3.1E+03 3.4E+03 5.1E+02 1.8E+06 ND 1.9E+03 6.1E+04 2.9E+05 3.1E+03 5.6E+04
71 BCI 8.8E+05 1.3E+04 3.2E+04 2.2E+03 6.7E+06 ND 2.5E+03 4.1E+05 7.5E+05 3.1E+03 5.6E+05
85 BCI 2.3E+05 1.1E+03 2.6E+04 4.1E+03 1.2E+06 1.0E+04 8.1E+02 4.8E+04 1.5E+05 3.5E+03 1.8E+04
88 BCI 1.3E+05 1.5E+03 3.5E+03 1.1E+03 6.9E+05 ND 5.6E+02 2.4E+04 1.9E+05 2.4E+03 1.6E+04
99 BCI 9.0E+05 2.1E+03 1.5E+04 5.5E+03 9.6E+06 6.7E+03 8.0E+03 1.2E+05 9.4E+05 8.5E+03 4.7E+04
118 BCI 8.0E+04 3.8E+03 1.1E+04 4.8E+03 1.7E+06 4.0E+03 4.5E+02 4.4E+04 1.7E+05 1.1E+03 6.1E+03
146 BCI 4.1E+05 2.9E+04 4.7E+04 4.7E+02 2.0E+06 7.1E+03 1.6E+04 6.6E+04 1.7E+05 3.8E+04 6.5E+04
147 BCI 4.1E+05 2.5E+03 8.2E+03 7.3E+02 8.8E+05 1.7E+03 1.3E+03 2.3E+04 6.5E+05 2.3E+02 7.4E+04
158 BCI 2.6E+04 2.6E+03 1.4E+04 4.7E+03 2.3E+06 2.9E+03 1.2E+03 2.3E+04 3.7E+04 1.9E+03 2.3E+04
167 BCI 1.9E+05 2.5E+03 5.3E+03 1.8E+03 2.4E+06 1.4E+04 2.3E+03 9.5E+04 4.0E+05 2.9E+03 2.8E+04
171 BCI 1.6E+06 1.7E+03 1.6E+04 4.0E+03 7.8E+06 6.0E+03 6.5E+03 2.5E+05 1.4E+06 1.4E+04 6.0E+04
191 BCI 4.5E+05 1.9E+03 3.5E+03 2.5E+02 1.7E+06 3.6E+03 5.6E+02 2.1E+04 1.6E+05 2.5E+03 2.1E+04
211 BCI 6.0E+05 1.7E+04 1.1E+04 1.3E+02 1.0E+07 5.5E+03 4.1E+03 2.4E+04 7.1E+05 4.3E+03 8.3E+04
212 BCI 6.5E+04 1.6E+03 9.6E+03 1.1E+03 4.0E+06 8.1E+03 9.5E+02 7.5E+04 9.4E+04 3.1E+03 3.6E+04
247 BCI 2.3E+05 2.0E+02 1.4E+04 2.1E+03 1.3E+06 7.1E+03 1.1E+03 2.4E+04 1.3E+05 1.3E+03 1.1E+04
255 BCI 1.3E+06 7.3E+03 1.5E+04 2.5E+03 2.8E+06 3.8E+04 8.1E+03 1.1E+05 2.8E+06 2.0E+03 1.0E+05
259 BCI 3.0E+06 5.9E+03 1.4E+04 7.0E+03 9.2E+06 5.1E+03 5.1E+03 1.1E+05 5.0E+05 4.8E+03 2.1E+04
271 BCI 7.4E+05 9.5E+02 3.8E+03 2.6E+03 2.4E+06 3.7E+03 3.1E+03 7.1E+04 6.3E+05 4.1E+03 3.0E+04
287 BCI 5.8E+05 8.7E+03 1.1E+04 2.3E+03 1.9E+06 1.5E+04 6.3E+02 8.8E+04 1.2E+05 4.7E+03 3.3E+04
300 BCI 2.7E+05 1.5E+03 7.7E+03 5.0E+03 3.7E+06 7.1E+03 1.9E+03 6.7E+04 3.2E+05 8.0E+02 1.3E+04
306 BCI 4.2E+05 2.0E+02 9.7E+03 2.3E+03 2.2E+06 ND 4.8E+03 5.6E+04 1.1E+06 4.5E+02 1.9E+04
314 BCI 1.6E+05 3.7E+03 1.7E+04 1.1E+03 1.2E+06 1.9E+02 1.5E+03 2.7E+04 2.7E+05 2.8E+03 3.4E+04
329 BCI 2.3E+05 8.9E+03 1.6E+04 5.3E+03 7.2E+06 7.8E+03 1.4E+03 5.7E+04 8.9E+05 1.9E+03 4.8E+04
335 BCI 4.1E+05 6.5E+03 2.1E+04 7.1E+03 4.3E+06 1.8E+02 7.0E+03 6.9E+04 5.2E+05 3.9E+03 4.4E+04
B3 BCI 4.0E+05 3.2E+03 6.0E+03 3.8E+02 1.6E+06 7.7E+03 1.8E+03 1.8E+04 2.6E+05 3.7E+03 1.7E+04
  1. Virtually-multiplexed transcript abundance data for each gene (in the form of molecules/106 β-actin molecules) from all experiments were included in the same Standardized Expression Database (SED). These data are now directly comparable to previously published virtually-multiplexed transcript abundance data from this laboratory [15], or to Virtually-multiplexed transcript abundance data collected by others who use the NCI-funded (R24 CA 95806) Standardized Expression Measurement (SEM) Center. The data presented here represent more than 6,000 Virtually-multiplexed transcript abundance measurements conducted in multiple experiments. The sixteen antioxidant or DNA repair genes and each of the six transcription factors except for E2F1 were measured in each NBEC sample from 49 individuals (24 non-BC individuals and 25 BC individuals).
  2. 1ND, Not detectable (When 60 molecules of Competitive Template (CT) were added to the reaction, CT was detected but native template was not.)
  3. 2NA, Not available. E2F1 was measured in all of the samples except for one BC individual (24 non-BC individuals and 24 BC individuals).