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Table 4 Transcriptional regulation: global and targeted

From: Antimetastatic gene expression profiles mediated by retinoic acid receptor beta 2 in MDA-MB-435 breast cancer cells

Gene Symbol (Probe) Name †Fold change (qRT-PCR) Rank Function/Other information
ANC 2H01/ZNF639/ZASC1 Zinc finger protein 639 1.3 (ND) 76 Kruppel domain
CITED4 CPB/p300-binding protein & interacting 4 1.3 (ND) 74 Transcriptional coactivator
FJL23577 Hypothetical, Kruppel-like protein -1.8 (NC) 10 Unknown
HIPK2 Homeodomain-p53-interacting protein -1.4 (ND) 51 Homeodomain interacting protein kinase 2
HOXB7 Homeobox gene B7 (ANTP family) -1.4 (-1.2) 38 Inhibits differentiation
*JUN cJUN -1.3 (-1.5) 90 AP1 complex
KIAA115 SIT4 phosphatase-associated protein-like -1.3 (ND) 82 Cyclin/G1 transcription
MGC15737/TCEAL3 Transcription elongation factor A-like 3 1.3 (ND) 100 Transcriptional elongation
ZNF387, ST18 Zinc finger protein 387; breast cancer suppressor of tumorigenicity 1.6 (2.7) 20 Transcription/Tumor suppressor (see also Table 2)
  1. †"Fold change," top number is the relative expression of RARβ2 transduced cells/empty vector control cells from Agilent arrays. The number in parentheses is the relative expression of the same cells from qRT-PCR analysis, normalized by respective qRT-PCR RPLP0 expression
  2. ND = not done
  3. NC = not confirmed, has at least two isoforms that overlap the 60-mer probe
  4. * "cross-talks" with RARs