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Table 1 Top twenty ranked genes

From: Antimetastatic gene expression profiles mediated by retinoic acid receptor beta 2 in MDA-MB-435 breast cancer cells

Gene Symbol (Probe) Name †Fold change (qRT-PCR) Rank Function/Other information
LSAMP Limbic system associated membrane protein -3.2 (-3.1) 1 Immunoglobulin superfamily member; cell adhesion
SLC38A2 Solute carrier family 38 -2.2 (-2.1) 2 Amino acid transporter A2, regulated by growth factors & hormones
CTAG1 Cancer/testis antigen 1 2.2 *(1.6, 1.5) 3 (see also Table 2)
MGC2780 Hypothetical protein -2.2 (-5.5) 4 Unknown
§PCDH11Y Proto-cadherin on the Y -2.1 (-1.9) 5 Cell adhesion X chromosome homologue
PCSK4 Convertase; subtilisin/kexin 4 -2.0 (-1.6) 6 Cleave pro-hormones and pro-growth factors
ZADH1 Zinc-binding alcohol dehydrogenase domain containing protein 1.9 *(1.3, 1.2) 7 Alcohol dehydrogenase; possible retinoid metabolism
CD164 Cluster designation protein 164 -1.9 (-1.5) 8 Sialomucin, AKA, MGC-24
SFTPA2 Surfactant pulmonary associated protein 1.8 NC 9 Calcium dependent signalling innate immune response
FLJ23577 Hypothetical Kruppel-like protein -1.8 NC 10 unknown
SR-BP1, OPRS1 Sterol binding protein Opoid receptor sigma -1.7 NC 11 Sterol isomerase, ergosterol biosynthesis
FABP6 Fatty acid binding protein 6 -1.7 (-6.6) 12 Bile acid binding;
OR52P1 Olfactory receptor 52 pseudogene 1.7 NC 13 Pseudogene
CSTA Cystatin A -1.7 (-2.3) 14 Cysteine proteinase inhibitor
NPDC1 Neural differentiation & control protein 1.7 *(1.5, 1.3) 15 Inhibits proliferation
NXT2, P15-2 Nuclear transport factor 2-like export factor 1.7 NC 16 Exports RNA from nucleus
SECTM1 Secreted and transmembrane protein 1 -1.6 (-2.8) 17 Signal transduction activity with the NF-κB cascade
HKE2 HLA class II region KE2 gene 1.6 NC 18 Protein folding
NNMT Nicotinamide N-methyltransferase -1.6 (-4.6) 19 Methylates pyridines; biotransformation of drugs; enhanced in cancer cells
ZNF387, ST18 Zinc finger protein 387; breast cancer tumor suppressor 1.6 (2.7) 20 Transcription (see also Table 4)
  1. † "Fold change," top number is the relative expression of RARβ2 transduced cells/empty vector control cells from Agilent arrays. The number in parentheses is the relative expression of the same cells from qRT-PCR analysis, normalized by respective qRT-PCR RPLP0 expression.
  2. NC = not confirmed. In all cases, these genes have known isoform(s) [with exception OR52P1, which is a pseudogene] that overlap(s) the 60-mer probes on the arrays, which could account for the discrepancy between array finding and qRT-PCR.
  3. * two qRT-PCRs (each in triplicate) of independent RNA samples
  4. §shares near identical homology to homologue on X chromosome