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Table 1 Serous borderline tumors of the fallopian tube: clinical and pathological features of 7 cases.

From: Serous borderline tumor of the fallopian tube presented as hematosalpinx: a case report

Case no. (reference no.) Original diagnosis Age (yr) Symptoms Procedure Localization Gross finding Follow-up
1. (1) papillary cystadenocarcinoma 19 lower-guadrant pain, coul-de-sac mass partial salpingectomy fimbriated end 4 cm, cystic with papillations 18 mo, WED
2. (3) borderline cystadenofibroma 32 IF during an early pregnancy salpingectomy ampulary region 2.5 cm, cystic with papillations WED after unspecified time
3. (5) borderline papillary serous tumor 31 abdominal pain, elevated CA 125 salpingo-oophorectomy, ovarian biopsy, partial omentectomy protruding from the fimbria 6 cm, solid polipoid mass with cauliflower-like surface 6 yr, WED
4. (2) borderline serous tumor NS IF during an elective operation NS fimbriated end 1.7 cm, cystic with papillations 2.4 yr, well
5. (4) serous tumor of low malignant potential 31 IF on routine gynecologic examination salpingectomy entire tube 13 cm, cystic with papillations not available
6. (6) serous tumor of low malignant potential 28 lower quadrant pain salpingectomy NS 5 cm, cystic with papillations recently found
7. (current case) serous tumor of borderline malignancy 34 IF on routine gynecologic examination salpingectomy ampulary region 4.4 cm, cystic with papillations 4.6 yr, WED
  1. NS, not specified; IF, incidental finding; WED, without evidence of the disease.