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Table 2 Tissue classification of endometrial (EA) and cervical (CA) carcinomas.

From: Differential expression of MUC genes in endometrial and cervical tissues and tumors

Tissue Age Grade Differentiation
EA1 44 II wd
EA2 47 II md
EA3 50 I wd
EA4 48 III pd
EA5 38 III pd
EA6 53 I-II md
EA7 45 III wd
EA8 54 I md
EA9 58 II md
EA10 44 III md
EA11 36 I wd
EA12 50 II md
EA13 31 I md
CA1 30 IB md
CA2 35 IB pd
CA3 48 IB pd
CA4 39 IB md
CA5 63 III pd
CA6 46 II wd
CA7 57 II md
CA8 40 IIB pd
CA9 33 I md
CA10 42 I pd
CA11 52 I-II wd
CA12 31 II pd
CA13 47 II md
  1. pd-poorly differentiated, md-moderately differentiated and wd-well differentiated