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Table 1 Expression of GIRK2 or GIRK4 in small cell lung cancer cell lines. Expression of either GIRK2 or GIRK4 was determined by real time PCR. Threshold values (CT) values are listed below.

From: Expression of G-protein inwardly rectifying potassium channels (GIRKs) in lung cancer cell lines

Cell Line GIRK2 GIRK4
WBA 19.82 30.56
H69 23.54 32.18
H146 NF 40.54
H187 NF 31.60
H209 24.53 24.64
H526 27.55 23.21
  1. NF – No CT value calculated due to lack of expression. Gene expression was determined by one sample. No comparisons can be made between CT values for the samples.