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Table 4 mtDNA alterations in human brain tumors compared to matched tissue controls

From: Absence of pathogenic mitochondrial DNA mutations in mouse brain tumors

Type of tumor Number of tumors Number of tumors with mtDNA somatic mutationsa Number of somatic mutations causing amino acid substitutionsc Region of mutation Reference
Neurofibroma 37 23/37 NAd D-loop Kurtz et al. 2004
Glioma 53 20/53 NA HVRII Vega et al. 2004
Meningioma 11 5/11 NA   
Schwannoma 5 1/5 NA   
Medulloblastoma 15 6/15 2/18 D-loop, Asp tRNA, COXI, CoxII, Thr tRNA, ND4 Wong et al. 2003
Gliomatosis cerebri 6 2/6 NA HVRII Kirches et al. 2003
Glioma 55 12/55 NA HVRII, D-loop Kirches et al. 2001
Astrocytoma 12 11/12b NA HVRII Kirches et al. 1999
  1. a Number of tumors with mutations/number of tumors
  2. b 2 of the 12 astrocytomas were compared to adjacent brain, the remaining 10 were aligned to Anderson et al. 1981 for mutation analysis
  3. c Number of mutations causing amino acid substitutions/total number of mutations found in all tumors
  4. d NA, not applicable because in hypervariable region of the D-loop (HVR)