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Table 3 Summary of mtDNA mutations in experimental mouse brain tumor cell linesa

From: Absence of pathogenic mitochondrial DNA mutations in mouse brain tumors

Brain tumor cell line Metastatic Host genetic background Nucleotide position Gene DNA change Stateb Amino acid change
EPEN - B6 9829 Arg tRNA InsAA Homo NAc
    9461 ND3 T->C Homo Ile->Ile
CT-2A - B6 5182 OL InsA Homo NA
VM-NM - VM 5182 OL DelA Homo NA
    15584 D-loop T->C Homo NA
VM-M + VM 2159 16srRNA A->G Hetero NA
  1. a Tumor cell lines mtDNA sequences were compared to host strain brain mtDNA populations
  2. b Homo, homoplasmy; hetero, heteroplasmy
  3. c NA, not applicable