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Table 2 Summary of mtDNA nucleotide variations in C57BL/6J and VM mouse strainsa

From: Absence of pathogenic mitochondrial DNA mutations in mouse brain tumors

Mouse strain Nucleotide position Gene DNA change Amino acid change
C57BL/6J 11780 ND5 T->A Ile->Met
VM 11780 ND5 T->A Ile->Met
VM 9829 Arg tRNA InsA NAb
VM 9461 ND3 T->C Ile->Ile
  1. Accession numbers for C57BL/6J and VM strains are DQ106412 and DQ106413, respectively
  2. a Nucleotide variation compared to the republished C57BL/6J mtDNA sequence from Bayona-Bafaluy et al. 2003
  3. b NA, not applicable