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Figure 10

From: No effects of GSM-modulated 900 MHz electromagnetic fields on survival rate and spontaneous development of lymphoma in female AKR/J mice

Figure 10

Differential leucocyte count. Differential leucocyte counts of peripheral blood of healthy female AKR/J mice did not differ significantly between animals sham-exposed or exposed to 900 MHz electromagnetic fields, although time influenced the ratio of lymphocytes to neutrophilic granulocytes (A) as well as the percentage of monocytes (B) and eosinophilic granulocytes (C). Percentage of basophilic granulocytes was in all cases below 1. 100 cells were counted per slice. Mean ± standard error of the mean, n = 138 (exposed) or 137 (sham-exposed) after 21 weeks of exposure.

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