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Table 1 Colon cancer: the gene retained for classification of tissue types. This table contains the genes and their descriptions. The key genes are selected based on how correlated their average intensity to the normal and tumor tissues. The genes are placed in the order of descending correlation coefficient r. Ten key genes are reported, the complete table can be downloaded at Entire data for the experiment can be downloaded from

From: Classification between normal and tumor tissues based on the pair-wise gene expression ratio

No. on array Gene accession number with correlation >0.4 to cancer tissue type Info Correlation
481 R87126 MYOSIN HEAVY CHAIN, NONMUSCLE (Gallus gallus) 0.6327
1659 M26383 Human monocyte-derived neutrophil-activating protein (MONAP) mRNA, complete cds. 0.5853
241 M63391 Human desmin gene, complete cds. 0.5848
1760 H08393 COLLAGEN ALPHA 2(XI) CHAIN (Homo sapiens) 0.5760
1030 R36977 P03001 TRANSCRIPTION FACTOR IIIA ;. 0.5741
1411 J02854 MYOSIN REGULATORY LIGHT CHAIN 2, SMOOTH MUSCLE ISOFORM (HUMAN);contains element TAR1 repetitive element 0.5680
1759 J05032 Human aspartyl-tRNA synthetase alpha-2 subunit mRNA, complete cds. 0.5670
613 X12671 Human gene for heterogeneous nuclear ribonucleoprotein (hnRNP) core protein A1. 0.5583
365 Z50753 H.sapiens mRNA for GCAP-II/uroguanylin precursor. 0.5494
753 M76378 Human cysteine-rich protein (CRP) gene, exons 5 and 6. 0.5354