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Table 4 Cancer sites with survival times demonstrated to follow the lognormal distribution in the literature as at year 2004

From: Survival of patients with metastatic breast cancer: twenty-year data from two SEER registries

Cancer sites Author
Head and neck cancer Berg [25], Mould[7]
Nasal sinus cancer Berg [25]
Mouth and throat cancer Boag [3]
Mouth Berg [25]
Thyroid Tai*[26]
Larynx, tongue Mould & Tai*[27]
Non small cell lung cancer Berg [25]
Small cell lung cancer Tai*[10]
Intraocular melanoma Gamel [8]
Cutaneous melanoma Gamel [9]
Breast cancer Boag [3], Berg [25], Rutqvist [5,15], Gamel [28,29], Haybittle [30], Royston [31], Tai*[12]
Bone sarcomas Berg [25]
Cancer of uterine cerivx Mould & Boag*[6], Berg [25]
Ovarian cancer Berg [25], Tai*[32], Royston [31]
Hypernephroma Berg [25]
Bladder cancer Berg [25]
Prostate Cancer Mould & Tai*[33]
Gastric cancer Berg [25], Maetani [34]
Lymphoma Berg [25]
Chronic leukemia Tivey [35]
Brain tumors Berg [25]
42 SEER cancer sites Tai [36]
  1. SEER, Surveillance, Epidemiology, and End Results;
  2. *, phase 2 validation also performed, i.e. concordance between Kaplan-Meier method and lognormal model.